New Partners Aim To Improve XML Content Management

Enterprises that have to deal with XML content may now have an easier time of things thanks to JustSystems and Stilo International.  The two companies recently announced a partnership precisely for the sake of enabling enterprises to manage such content.

This advance should occur due to the integration of Stilo Migrate v2, which acts as a component of a publishing solution, and JustSystems XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0, which is supposed to structure and automate the content creation process.

Les Burnham, the CEO of Stilo, explained in a press release, “[B]y coupling Migrate and XMetaL Author Enterprise together, we can provide the ultimate in flexibility and control.  We can help users rapidly convert content from Word and FrameMaker formats to any target XML, including DITA, DocBook and S1000D.”

Nick Mongston, the senior director of Sales and Marketing EMEA at JustSystems, also stated, “The partnership means that our customers will reap the benefits of XML which will enable them to manage large volumes of content across the organization.”

Then here’s one other fact worth noting: JustSystems is based in Japan, while Stilo operates from offices in North America and Europe, lending this joint venture an international flavor.

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